Spectrum Speech Pathology specialising in autism, aspergers syndrome

Spectrum Speech Pathology specialising in autism, aspergers syndrome

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  • Alphabet Lotto

    Alphabet Lotto

    A fun game that helps young learners develop early literacy skills in a fun and exciting way. Children learn to recognise the sounds and letters of the alphabet in this fun lotto game. Try to be the first players to find all the cards that match the letters or pictures on the lotto board.


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  • Charades – Kids on Stage

    Charades – Kids on Stage

    A fun filled game that helps kids to develop confidence and communication skills each time they take a turn acting out an action, animal or object. Children use non verbal skills, gestures and facial expressions to give and guess clues. Reading skills are not required.


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  • Crazy Chefs

    Crazy Chefs

    Join the chefs in the crazy kitchen and collect everything they need to make a meal. Language, vocabulary and social skills – all in one fun game! Crazy Chefs takes just the right amount of time so children don’t lose interest. It combines memory skills and luck, which adds to the fun because even those who aren’t quite so good at remembering have a chance to win. You have to collect ingredients to cook a meal and the first person to do so wins. Lots of fun & definitely educational!


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  • Day and Night

    Day and Night


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  • Diggers and Trucks Card Game

    Diggers and Trucks Card Game


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  • Don’t Panic For Kids

    Don’t Panic For Kids


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  • Dotty Dinosaurs

    Dotty Dinosaurs

    One of Spectrum’s favourite games! Match shapes and colours Can you help the dotty dinosaurs to find their missing spots ? Throw the dice to match shapes or colours and be the first to cover your dinosaur board, in this fun game for young players. Two games in one. Ages: 3-6 Players: 2-4


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  • Everyday Words Flashcards

    Everyday Words Flashcards

    Delightfully illustrated cards of everyday objects and animals in young children’s daily lives. Great for posting activities, hide and seek activities and more. All pictures are clearly labelled with the words. Excellent for little ones as they start to recognise pictures.


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  • Feed The Kitty

    Feed The Kitty

    A delicious game of Mice & Dice


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  • Fish and Chicks

    Fish and Chicks


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  • From Small to Big

    From Small to Big

    Children learn about sizes, sorting and matching as they sort and match the animals by size. This lovely game will help develop children’s categorizing skills as they sort and match the animals into their correct family groups. Great for developing language skills, imagination and story telling. Designed for young children, all pieces are washable and flexible and large sizes for little hands to manipulate.


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  • Glitter Fairies

    Glitter Fairies

    Discover and collect the hidden fairies and wave your magic wand to win the game. A fairy game that helps children learn to share, communicate and play together. Discover the hidden fairies and wave the sparkly magic wand to win the game. A wonderful matching, counting and memory game – and all with Fairies! Fun, educational and fairies!


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  • Go Away Monster

    Go Away Monster

    Reach into the bag to find the puzzle pieces that match the pictures on your bedroom game board. If a monster pops out, don’t be scared…just tell that silly old thing to go away. Then get rid of him for good by tossing him into the monster pit and out of your room. You take charge, and the monsters take off! Cooperation and shape recognition. Another special favourite for the Spectrum team. Ages 3 and up,1 to 4 players


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  • Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

    Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

    A fun game for language development. A great game for developing a knowledge of body parts and colours. Especially great for practising PRONOUNS in this fun, action lotto game. Age 3yrs +


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  • Hedbanz For Kids

    Hedbanz For Kids

    Kids love this game! Great for practising asking questions, listening, reasoning, memory and turn taking skills. A classic game that everyone can enjoy.


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  • How do I stand in Your Shoes

    How do I stand in Your Shoes

    For professionals and parents to use with preschoolers – 4th graders. Miranda Peabody had no patience for the other students in class and just didn’t understand why they couldn’t be as smart and talented as she was. Her teacher, Mrs. Klemp, suggested that she try to understand other people by “standing in their shoe


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  • How Rude!

    How Rude!

    How Rude! is a serious etiquette encyclopedia that’s so much more than just a manners book. It’s a book teens will want to read—because it keeps them laughing, doesn’t preach or talk down to them, and deals with issues that matter to them the most.

    In the tradition of his best-selling Bringing Up Parents, Alex J. Packer blends outrageous humour with sound advice as he guides readers through the mysterious world of etiquette and manners from A (“Applause”) to Z (“Zits”). He starts by explaining why etiquette is important—because people who know how to handle themselves in social situations come out on top, get what they want, feel good about themselves, and enjoy life to the fullest. It explains why using good manners makes life easier, not harder!

    In 480 pages, this revised and updated edition of Packer’s 1997 classic by the same name describes the basics of polite behavior in all kinds of situations. Hundreds of questions and answers cover everything from dating to breaking up, thank-you notes to table manners, ethnic jokes to social cliques, and more. Teens learn how to be a host with the most (and a guest with the best), what to do (and not do) when going online or waiting in line, how to deal with rude relatives, how to act at the mall and the concert hall, how to make introductions… even who invented manners.


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  • If You See A Crocodile

    If You See A Crocodile

    This game helps youngsters learn and recognise colours, while at the same time offering multiple opportunities to practise waiting, trying again, little disappointments along the way. There are plenty of learning opportunities – communication skills, taking turns and losing graciously in a fun and exciting game.


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