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At Spectrum we work in different ways depending on the age and needs of your child.

Speech therapy intervention at Spectrum helps children with communication difficulties develop critical speech, language and interaction skills. We teach the building blocks for early communication through play and positive engagement.

Our therapy aims to improve the language, listening and play skills needed for successful socialisation and future success at preschool and school. We also provide individual literacy programs for children who are struggling with reading and written language.

Following assessment your child’s program is customised to incorporate evidence based therapy interventions.  Spectrum speech-language pathologists recognise that no two children with communication challenges are alike. We have training in a wide range of techniques and strategies to help design individualised programs for your child and his/her unique needs. This expertise includes training in:

  • Development of spoken language and improving understanding of language
  • Developmental play skills
  • Pragmatic language skills for interaction and conversation
  • Social Thinking® and Social Skills
  • PROMPT – a dynamic tactile method of intervention for dyspraxia and motor speech disorders
  • Alternative visual communication systems such as Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS), Aided Language Displays (ALD’s), signing and gesture, technology, eg. iPads
  • Visual strategies to help communication, social interaction, behavior management, emotional regulation
  • Literacy
  • DIR® Floortime
  • Fast ForWord®
  • ESDM
  • Hanen
  • Talk About

If you have any concerns about your child’s communication, social , friendship or academic skills, call us to arrange an appointment with one of our therapists.

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