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Social Thinking at Spectrum Speech Pathology

For many years Christine and Gloria have followed the work of the world- renowned speech pathologist, Michelle Garcia Winner, recognizing her expertise and clinical knowledge and understanding of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders.

Social Thinking is a unique approach to developing skills for children and adolescents who are struggling with social interaction, friendship and conversation skills. It is designed to develop a child’s social cognition through the teaching of specific thinking strategies that are necessary for social communication and interaction.

The Social Thinking curriculum helps children to develop:
• Perspective taking & social perspective
• Conversation skills
• Understanding and use of non verbal communication
• What to keep in and what to let out
• Group thinking – being part of a group
• Expected versus unexpected behaviours
• Flexible thinking
• Understanding hidden social rules

Social thinking addresses the thought processes behind social interactions. These social thinking skills can then be applied to new situations.

Spectrum Speech Pathology is pleased to launch The Incredible Flexible You® – a Social Thinking® program for preschool children.

Click here to learn more about Gloria’s and Christine’s training in Social Thinking® in the United States last year.

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